Kratos Technology & Training Solutions Lamination Technician III - UAV in Sacramento, California

Job Description:


Manufactures products using either wet lamination or pre-preg composites lamination.

This position requires applicant to have an active clearance.


Laminator ALL

The duties and responsibilities listed below apply to all levels of Laminators. Each level of Laminator has additional duties and responsibilities listed.

  1. Performs a variety of tasks, which require knowledge of lamination techniques, materials, tools and equipment.
  2. Interprets and follows manufacturing orders.
  3. Using pre-preg lamination techniques, cuts cloth and lays up products of varying tolerances.
  4. Prepares products for vacuum bagging (pre-preg).
  5. Handles, applies, stores and disposes of composite materials, adhesives, sealants, resins and solvents.
  6. Supports and exhibits the focus of zero defects as well as right-the-first-time approach.
  7. Inspects finished products for conformance to specifications.
  8. Completes of all required documentation.
  9. Follows FOD (foreign object debris prevention) practices.
  10. Complies with established safety directives.
  11. Maintains a clean work area and ensuring strict adherence to the 5S Standards.
  12. Complies with established QMS procedures.

Laminator III

  1. Works under minimal supervision.
  2. Responsible for training less skilled Laminators.
  3. Specific duties and responsibilities for this level include an advanced level of:
  4. Math
  5. Documentation
  6. Materials Knowledge
  7. Tooling/Molds
  8. Equipment
  9. Process
  10. Quality
  11. Safety

Other Job Functions

  • Other duties as assigned
  • Tracks time spent on jobs and enters it electronically.



May be responsible for the direct training and work quality of less skilled Laminators.


Physical Tasks

  1. Standing, walking, occasionally sitting.
  2. Manipulating materials.
  3. Occasionally lifts and carries heavy objects.
  4. Manufacturing environment

Working Conditions

  1. May work extended hours or weekends.
  2. May be exposed to noise and hazardous chemicals.

Experience and Skills:


  • Ability to maintain sensitive and confidential information as required by government standards
  • Ability to interact effectively with peers and supervisors
  • Ability to interact appropriately with the public when necessary
  • Ability to adhere to workplace rules
  • Must have an active clearance and the ability to maintain it.


*Each successive level of Laminator builds on the identified typical qualifications listed for the previous level(s) Laminators. *

Laminator I

  1. Preferably some hands-on experience in manufacturing production.
  2. Communicate professionally both written and verbally.
  3. Must be able to demonstrate accurate basic math skills.
  4. Must be able to demonstrate the accurate use of a tape measure.
  5. Requires high school education or equivalent.
  6. Must have and be able to maintain a U.S. security clearance at the appropriate level (requires U.S. Citizenship).
  7. Typical qualifications for this level include:
  8. Math
  9. Documentation
  10. Materials Knowledge
  11. Tooling/Molds
  12. Equipment
  13. Process
  14. Quality
  15. Safety
  16. Laminator II

  17. Basic computer skills with the ability to navigate around files.

  18. Preferably 2-3 years hands-on experience in composite manufacturing.
  19. Typical qualifications for this level include an intermediate level of:
  20. Math
  21. Documentation
  22. Materials Knowledge
  23. Tooling/Molds
  24. Equipment
  25. Process
  26. Quality
  27. Safety

Laminator III

  1. Preferably 5+ years hands-on experience in composite manufacturing.
  2. Typical qualifications for this level include an advanced level of:
  3. Math
  4. Documentation
  5. Materials Knowledge
  6. Tooling/Molds
  7. Equipment
  8. Process
  9. Quality
  10. Safety

Job Tracking ID: 85347-254571

Location: Sacramento, CA

Job Type: Full-Time/Regular

Date Updated: October 12, 2017

Job Level: Mid Career (2+ years)

Number of Openings: 2

Years of Experience: More than 5 Years

Level of Education: High School/GED

Starting Date: ASAP